(WIP) This section will be updated with commonly asked questions

Q. Where have i been lately?

A. For the last few months i essentially burned out, Large parts of my day was spent responding to people, along with a list of other issues i have been procrastinating, YouTube are removing videos & has now been removed, I have lost data & access to some accounts (PC & phone issues) but I am working on regaining access to my accounts & recovering as much data as possible,


Downloads Should Now Be Fixed For The Time Being



Q. How do i install this?

A. Using USB Burning Tool v2.2.0 usually (Video coming soon)

Q. How do i know if my box will work?

A. Usually by model BUT often there are many versions of the same box so results WILL vary!, also devices not named might work to with matching AMLogic chips, There are over 50 images to experiment with (please let the community know your results)

Q. Is Netflix supported?

A. YES - I have released a modified version of Netflix for this firmware & others


Q. Is Prime Video supported?


Q. Is Disney+ supported?


Q. Is HBO Max supported?


Q. Is Apple TV supported?

A. YES - (NOTE: Some devices report no audio, looking into a fix)

Q. What about other streaming apps? (TV Versions - Full List)

A. Some work & some require workarounds


You can report an app Working/Broken HERE!

NOTE: An APP listed with "MAYBE" needs testing, Please let me know!


Netflix - YES (Manual modded APK install https://youtu.be/ir3SWhDPqwE)

Disney+ -  YES

Prime Video - YES

Brit Box - YES (Via Prime TV)

Lionsgate+ - YES (Via Prime TV)

HAYU - YES (Via Prime TV)

Motortrend - YES (Via Prime TV)

The Great Courses - YES (Via Prime TV)


Shudder - YES (Via Prime TV)

Crime + Investigation Play - YES (Via Prime TV)

MGM - YES (Via Prime TV)

Acorn TV - YES (Via Prime TV)

History Play - YES (Via Prime TV)

Curzon - YES (Via Prime TV)


Apple TV - YES (NOTE: Some devices report no audio, looking into a fix)

Discovery+ - YES

Paramount+ - YES

Showmax - YES

Star+ - YES

Claro TV+ - YES

Red Bull TV - YES

Hulu - YES


DirecTV - YES

Vix+ - YES

DStv - YES

Freevee - YES

DZAN - NO (MAYBE Mobile App?)




Pluto TV - YES

Kappang TV - YES


BBC iPlayer - YES (Sideload TV APK v.0.4.7)

STV Player - NO (YES - Mobile App)

ITVX - NO (YES - Mobile App) (ITV Catchup Subscription Via Prime TV)

All 4 - NO (YES - Mobile App)

My5 - YES

UKTV Play - NO

CBS Catchup (UK) - YES

Q. How do i enable wireless ADB?

A. ADB can be enabled by turning on "Developer Options" then enable "ADB" & "USB debugging"

Q. How do i root this ROM?

A. Root can be obtained by using magisk & Ricky's tool, unpack to level 1, patch recovery.PARTITION and repack new recovery into firmware.img,

(Video Guide Will Be Reuploaded Soon)

Q. My box isn't detected by USB Burning Tool? (MASK ROM Mode)

If your reset button wont bring your device into flash mode then MASK ROM Mode may be needed to "force" the tool to detect the box

See The Video: https://youtu.be/BnurqtrqW7c


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